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Sfield 250We woke up this morning to rain and cold. Since we were staying in Springfield, east of Phelps, where we finished yesterday, I wanted to go back and complete those 31 miles to get me to Springfield. However, with the rain and poor road condition I decided to forfeit those miles.

Heather took me out of Springfield and I headed down the road into the Ozark Mountains. I was thinking Rockies but they were low rolling hills and the road was like a perpetual roller coaster with ups and downs.

I was hot working my way up and then shivered coming down in the cool air. The high today was only about 68 and most of the day I cycled in the low 60s which was perfect.

IMG_1943 250I didn’t know what to expect in the Ozarks but they were beautiful and very peaceful. The road had no shoulder but that was not an issue as the there was little traffic and what there was were friendly people that slowed down and gave me a wave as they passed.

There was even an Amish horse and buggy going down the road so an interesting day.

The Ozarks are very much farming communities and along the way there are some great parks including the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways and Mark Twain National Forest. There wasn’t a breath of wind today and the rain stayed behind me so a great day for riding.

IMG_1940 440Heather and I met at lunch and I put up my Eno DoubleNest Hammock that Austen got me for my birthday and was ready to have a nap when it started raining. Not enough to get me real wet but enough to disturb a nap. Oh well, there will be other spots ahead!

There were some breathtaking vistas today and the forest canopy density was impressive. It looks like once again we have left the rain behind us and the next couple of days are supposed to be nice. Today I started out again with cold weather gear but finished in shorts although I still had a jacket on.

I am getting tired and wish we could take a day off. I may be over a day or two to complete in Ride in 21 days but I need to keep pushing out the miles so I can keep a few days of vacation for later this year.

Heather noticed that the tracker wasn’t working today so I will do some surgery on it tonight to see if I can get it going for tomorrow. I didn’t complete all my miles today because in the Ozarks there is no cell coverage and Heather and I ended up in Farmington so we can be on a call in the morning.

I will head out from here in the morning and I think after tomorrow we have about 1,100 miles left. I can’t give you an accurate mileage amount today because we had to adjust our schedule a bit although I do know I am tired and a bit sore so a great day of riding!

Have a good weekend everyone and I hope to be in Kentucky by Monday!


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