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Another incredible day on the road. The air in southern Illinois and Kentucky was the perfect temperature all day. I started out to a cool morning and wound around some small lakes on the way out of Carbondale, Illinois. It was a lazy Sunday start but the smooth roads, good weather and no traffic made it is easy to pick up miles.

Heather went to church so she left me to meander and wander along to the Ohio River. I passed through Shawnee National Forest and continued the perpetual roller coaster of up and down.

vicious-dog 250I was fairly far out on the road – and winding through a small community listening intently to my Sunday programming – when out of no where a brown blur ran in front of me so fast I couldn’t stop. The next thing I new I was down on the road and the dog I had hit was in the ditch.

I got up, the dog ran away, and I realized it had come from a house not far away and owner was outside watching the entire episode as it happened.

I walked over and apologized for hitting his dog and made sure it was okay. The dog was huge and didn’t look hurt in any way and the owner didn’t seemed concerned so I got on my bike and continued on my way. After that experience, every house I went by I was alert and ready for whatever dog came my way.

IMG_1610 250It took me a few hours to get down to the eight-car ferry (barge) to take me to the other side of the Ohio river and into Kentucky.

Along the way I went through several small towns and stopped for a drink at the local market that was a hub of activity as motorcycles and trucks pulling boats came in to fuel up for the days recreation. It was just one of those days where work could wait so everyone could enjoy the beautiful weather.

The river crossing was short and I climbed back on my bike to meet Heather in Marion, Kentucky for lunch. She had come a different way and didn’t get to ride the small ferry. Lunch was at a park in Marion where we sat in the shade and enjoyed the quiet and cool.

After lunch, I headed out to make my way to Sebree, Kentucky but continued on until Beech Grove. There was no traffic and the air was magnificent. We finished up for the day shortly after travelling 145 miles.

Lawn Mower 250I noticed today that Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky residents like big riding lawnmowers and cutting grass on Sundays.

I saw one fellow on a massive riding mower cutting a strip about 10′ by 10′. I suspect it took him more energy to get the thing out of the garage and lined up properly than if he just used a push mower.

The look of satisfaction on his face said it all so I chalked that up to a learning experience.

I saw that same satisfied look on many residents over the trip as I must have passed over 50 people riding, mowing, cutting and mulching. Maybe it’s something to do with the connection to Kentucky bluegrass?

Tomorrow. we continue on and I will be more alert to greet any incoming road dogs. For the next couple of days we will try to push out more miles to see if we can finish the 2016 Ride on Sunday, May 29.

The weather looks good so hopefully the terrain and wind will be in my favour. It is beautiful country with blue skies and friendly people.

Heather said the ‘spot’ (GPS) worked part of the day so tomorrow it should be fully functional again.

Take care and have a great week!

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