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Another perfect day of cycling in Kentucky. This morning’s departure was early and it took me a few miles to warm up. I actually left without one of my jackets and as I travelled down hill for the first couple of miles I hoped for a good uphill so I could get warm again. I didn’t need to wait long.

I came to 40 miles of road that seemed to have no hills. I think the engineer who designed it was a cyclist since the road seemed to follow one contour, and although it wound around beneath the hills, the road was mostly level.

Today were the easiest miles I have had. We ended the day in Berea, Kentucky (the spot (GPS) did not cover the entire day) and I realized tonight I probably have two more days in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It’s a massive state going from west to east!

vicious-dog 250Nothing out the ordinary happened today – I didn’t run over anything, fall or even get bitten by a dog.

One dog did chase me down to the point that I had to stop. He had that confused – do I eat him or play with him  – look in his eyes.

I stopped because I wanted him think the playing approach was best. He was huge and I knew if he jumped up on me he would knock me down.

Here I am in the middle of a street in who knows where arguing with a dog while I am wearing Spandex. I’m sure the residents shut their curtains and hoped it would all go away. Every time I tried to get away, the dog would renew his aggressive position so I would have to turn around and try and convince him that I wasn’t worth eating. What’s with dogs in this area? They are all huge! I finally managed to get away – Spandex and all body parts intact.

boonetavernlogoBerea is a really nice town with the historic Boone Tavern, Hotel and Restaurant. It is the first Gold LEED standard hotel in Kentucky yet its 100-years-old. The town supports Berea College that has 1,600 students and is home to a students’ craft program established to preserve traditional Appalachian arts. The college was founded in 1855 and is on the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail that ran from North Carolina to Kentucky in 1775. Lovely place.

Tomorrow I start on the perpetual roller coaster once again and was glad to have the last couple of days being easy terrain. It looks like a hot one tomorrow so I will have an early start to try and catch as much cool as I can. Once we are over the Appalachians it’s easy terrain to Yorktown, Virginia. Lots of work over the next couple of days.

Take care!

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